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Ladies Sanitary Units

Ladies Sanitary Units Service on a monthly basis, however this time factor can be changed to suit your needs. Different size units to suit your cubical.

Automatic Air Fresheners

Automatic Air Fresheners which can be set to emit fragrance at any time of the day.

Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers. Several types to suit your needs, e.g. Foam, Spray, or Liquid.

Fresh Air

Urinal Wash and deep cleaning to keep the urinal hygienic and sweet smelling.

Medical Waste

Medical Waste Disposal Service & Sharps Disposal Units, provided in any size containers to contain and dispose of syringes under E.P.A guidelines.

Vending Machines

Vending Machines. Sanitary and condom, single and dual chute.

Nappy Units

Hygienic and discreet nappy disposal service. Ideal for Parent Rooms, Easy Access Toilets and Private Homes, including those affiliated with the NDIS.

Sanitary Domestic Services

Different sized units are available for in home use, and serviced on a regular basis.

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